10 Health and Wellness Benefits You Can Get Through AARP

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is one of the primary and top resources for health and wellness benefits for U.S. senior citizens today. While information on a significantly wide variety of helpful topics is available on the AARP website, you can continue reading here to learn more about the benefits and services the AARP can provide you. 

With an AARP membership, you can be provided huge discounts on a multitude of services that are useful to senior citizens. Some of the available services you can earn discounts on include: dental visits, eye exams, healthy groceries and food, and various types of health insurance plans.

AARP health savings for its members are often much better than average prices on health and wellness services purchased elsewhere, including government sponsored health resources. The AARP organization also provides resources for hearing tests, brain training, yoga and relationship counseling after 50. 

Read ahead about 10 excellent health and wellness benefits you can get through AARP today.

Top 10 AARP Health and Wellness Benefits

An AARP membership gives you access to discounts on travel, dining and various senior-related forms of entertainment. Perhaps the most important benefits members receive are those involving health and wellness, however. Retired people range in age by decades but can all benefit from general AARP health savings and other discounts. The top 10 AARP health and wellness benefits are:

  1. Medicare plans.
  2. Medicare Advantage plans.
  3. Health tools.
  4. Hearing Resource Center.
  5. AARP health insurance resources.
  6. AARP life insurance plans.
  7. Prescription discounts.
  8. Silver Cuisine by bistroMD.
  9. CareLinx in-home care.
  10. Wellness books.
AARP Medicare Plans
AARP Medicare Plans

One of the greatest benefits of being a part of the AARP is your ability to receive an AARP Medicare health insurance plan.

AARP medicare plans are provided in association with UnitedHealthcare. The Medicare Supplement plans/benefits include coinsurance with Medicare Part A for hospitalizations and 365-days of additional coverage once Medicare benefits run out. 

Medicare-related plans provide many various options for covering out-of-pocket expenses in addition to comprehensive plan premiums and more. Coinsurance for Medicare Part D plans (including prescription drug coverage) are also available for AARP members and non-members through UnitedHealthcare.

AARP Medicare Advantage Plans
AARP Medicare Advantage Plans

AARP Medicare Advantage plans are provided free of extra charges through UnitedHealthcare to both AARP members and non-members. 

With the AARP Medicare Advantage plan, hospital and doctor coverage from parts A and B respectively are combined into a solitary plan, which often includes coverage for prescription medications.

UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plans sponsored by AARP further include benefits and coverages not available through Medicare alone.

Health Tools
Health Tools

Many seniors need assistance with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Health tools included with an AARP membership include:

  • A proprietary Drug Interaction Checker and 
  • body mass index (BMI) calculator. 

AARP health tools also allow members to research their medical symptoms, play brain training games and experience interactive programs/activities such as:

  • Meditation.
  • Music.
  • Lifestyle videos.
  • Memory challenges.
Hearing Resource Center
Hearing Resource Center

The AARP hearing resource center provides resources for seniors to recognize the top signs of hearing loss. Guidance is offered on how to not only cope with hearing loss but live your best life despite it. Training tools and solution options are also available. 

Perhaps the biggest benefit provided by the AARP Hearing Resource Center is the ability for members to access an independent, scientifically-supported hearing test via telephone once every year for free.

AARP Health Insurance Resources
AARP Health Insurance Resources

AARP health insurance resources are one of the primary benefits offered by the organization. Resources involve discounts and plan options for long-term care in association with New York Life. 

Discounted AARP dental and vision plans are provided through the Delta Dental Insurance Company and EyeMed respectively. Hearing plan insurance discounts are offered through HearUSA. Short-term care insurance plans are also offered at affordable prices by Medico.

AARP Life Insurance
AARP Life Insurance

AARP life insurance is provided exclusively for AARP members through the New York Life Insurance Company. Protection amounts ranging from $10,000 through $100,000 are available for AARP members up to the age of eighty. 

What’s more, physical examinations are not required as conditions for approval. Approval is primarily granted based on the state of your overall health and addiction information. 

Prescription Discounts
Prescription Discounts

The cost of prescription medication continues to increase beyond affordability for most people, including the nation’s senior citizens. Discounts are valuable wherever they are available and the AARP takes pride in making them available to its members 24/7. 

Through the AARP, you can receive major discounts on the prescription medications you need. Reduced medication pricing through Kroger, Walmart and Walgreens pharmacies are provided to AARP members every day. 

AARP health savings are not just extended for pharmacy visits, however. The AARP eye exam discount and reduced pricing for other standard medical checkups/preventative care services are huge benefits for AARP members everywhere.

Silver Cuisine by bistroMD
Silver Cuisine by bistroMD

Eating healthy is an important part of extending and living your best life as a senior. It is also challenging to do at any age in modern times. 

AARP members receive twenty-five percent off on chef-prepared Silver Cuisine meals by bistroMD, which was founded by board-certified bariatric medicine physician Dr. Caroline Cederquist.

CareLinx In-Home Care
CareLinx In-Home Care

In-home healthcare allows seniors to receive the medical care they need from their own homes. AARP focuses on its members getting what they need to be their healthiest and happiest selves. 

CareLinx is a nationwide online home healthcare network partnered with AARP and its members to give new CareLinx patients a three-percent discount on in-home services.

Wellness Books
Wellness Books

The AARP offers countless books, podcasts, and other learning resources for free! 

Topics that these books, podcasts, and other online resources cover include everything from yoga and finding purpose and love after the age of 50.

Members also have access to health-related online forums that offer articles and podcasts. Special health and wellness reports are also generated exclusively for AARP members.