4 Types of Workout Routines

Getting into shape is a matter of finding a routine that works for you. Your routine should ideally have all four types of workouts; aerobics, strength training, stretching, and balance. Each of these routines will contribute to your overall health and help you reach your fitness goals.

You may be looking for a beginner shoulder workout or pro exercises to get you through the last five percent of your goal. But if you are not incorporating all four workout types, you are missing out on the benefit of a diverse fitness program.

Staying In Shape With Aerobics
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Aerobics may be better known as cardio since it speeds up your heart rate and increases your breathing effort. Aerobic exercises work out your heart and lungs and, therefore, improves your endurance.

The best home workout program will include cardiovascular activities. These exercises help lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and boost good cholesterol. They can also improve your mood and help with depression.

For example, the P90X routine combines the four types of workouts throughout its 90-day program. Phase A of the program includes cardio routines that incorporate resistance movements. In Phase B, the routines test your endurance by requiring more energy and endurance.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a cardio-focused routine. The best HIIT workout at home will include exercises like the following:

  • Burpees – a two-part movement or doing a push-up and then a leap in the air
  • High Knees – stand with feet hip-width apart and lift each knee towards your chest
  • Lunge Jumps – between walking lunges, jump high and then switch sides
  • Jumping Jacks – stand with your hands at your side, jump and move your feet laterally while moving your hands up and down over your head
  • Mountain Climbers – start in plank, bring one knee to your chest, and switch sides
  • Rope Jumping – jump up and down while encircling yourself with the rope

Working out does not have to feel like work. Aerobic exercises can be fun activities, such as swimming, cycling, and dancing, for example. Incorporating your friends and family into your cardiovascular routine with sports and games can keep your workouts social and exciting. 

A typical weekly goal is 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise. Moderate-intensity exercise can include any aerobic activity, from a brisk 30-minute walk five days a week to three nearly hour-long shadow boxing workouts.

Frequency is just as important as duration. If you only have time for 20-minute cardio at home, then do that for as many days a week as you can.

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