There are plenty of affordable care insurance companies located throughout the United States. You can find health, dental and vision insurance policies alongside life insurance and car insurance plans. To maximize your savings on various types of insurance, you may even be able to “bundle” your coverage and receive discounts.

From business health insurance plans to policies from popular companies like AARP and Humana, you’re sure to find a policy that fits your medical needs and budget. Some companies even allow you to customize your insurance plan so you only pay for what you need.

Popular Health Insurance Plans
health insurance plans
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Cigna’s medical policy and health care plans have been around for 125 years. Many Americans choose this company for health care due to its experience and ease of use.

You can use the Cigna medical policy insurance online tools to:

  • Choose a doctor.
  • Find a specialist.
  • Add coverage options, like dental care.

If you currently have Humana life insurance like millions of other Americans, you may consider choosing the company for health insurance, too. Humana offers a Medicare Advantage plan, which means it provides all Medicare Part A and Part B health care benefits.

Looking for short-term medical insurance to bridge the gap between your coverage plans? There are a handful of companies that specialize in this type of coverage.

Short-term medical insurance refers to policies that are offered for several months at a time. These policies cover you during lapses in permanent coverage, helping you avoid expensive medical bills while you wait for your permanent coverage to kick in.

The following companies are popular for short term insurance plans:

  • UnitedHealthcare
  • Everest
  • Pivot Health
  • IHC Health Group

AARP health insurance is ideal for older adults. While not a health insurance company, AARP offers coverage through UnitedHealthcare. The plans offered through AARP are known as Medigap plans because they cover services that are not covered by traditional Medicare.

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