6 Infallible Migraine Relief Methods

We all want instant migraine relief when suffering from head pain, sensitivity to light and sound, and other migraine symptoms. From pharmaceuticals to natural migraine relief solutions, there are other methods to combat migraine and headache pain.

Some home remedies and over-the-counter drugs can treat the migraine and relieve the side effects. If you get migraines often, you should consult with your doctor about possible causes and safe treatments, such as homemade treatments or prescription medicine.

Hot and Cold Packs
Hot and Cold Packs

The cold affects the body by constricting blood vessels and reducing the neurotransmission of pain. A cold compress can lessen migraine pain by numbing the area.

Place a bag of ice or another cold pack on your forehead or neck for no more than 15 minutes. Make sure that the ice is not touching your skin directly, as you can get ice burn. Wrap the compress in a thin towel or fabric.

Reapply the ice pack on and off every 15 minutes. Never leave an ice pack on your body for too long or fall asleep with it.

Alternatively, a heating pad can relieve a tension headache or migraine. Heat relaxes muscles, increases blood flow to the area, and stimulates nerve endings to block the pain signal from reaching the brain.

Use a heating pad or hot compress on your shoulders, neck, or back of your head. Like a cold compress, never fall asleep with a heating pad or leave it on too long.

If you know the reason for your headache, you may be able to treat it with stuff in your kitchen.


Different types of headaches are the result of your body telling you it needs something. You may be able to cure your migraine by simply giving your body what it wants.

For example, if you are active on a hot day, your headache indicates dehydration. You can get a headache from not drinking enough water. Consider hangovers after a night of drinking; your body is in pain because alcohol dehydrates your body and brain.

You may be able to get headache pain relief by drinking water if you have any of the signs of dehydration:

  •                 Thirst or dry mouth
  •                 Dark urine or not urinating
  •                 A visual aura
  •                 Muscle cramps
  •                 Nausea

Make sure to drink plenty of water if you are active, in a hot environment, or taking medication known to dehydrate the body. Drinks like Pedialyte and Powerade can provide quick migraine relief, as the minerals give your body a boost of electrolytes.


Other home remedies for headache pain could be in your fridge if your migraine stems from low blood sugar levels. Hunger can cause headaches that lead to migraines if your body does not receive nutrients.

Your body releases a hormone to your brain to indicate it needs food. The hormone increases your blood pressure and tightens blood vessels, which can cause a headache. Muscle tension and low blood sugar are the most common reasons for a hunger headache.

Some of the best foods to eat for migraine pain relief include:

  •                 Leafy greens.
  •                 Nuts.
  •                 Fruits.
  •                 Whole grains.
  •                 Hot peppers.
  •                 Ginger.

Protein-heavy foods can help you sustain energy throughout the day and avoid hunger headaches. Likewise, complex carbohydrates can maintain your blood sugar for a longer time.

Conversely, sugary foods will not help you avoid a hunger headache, as sugar-heavy products release too much sugar into your blood. Your body will feel depleted when your blood sugar level drops quickly.

Rest and Relaxation
Rest and Relaxation

You can get a serious headache if you do not get enough rest. Sleep affects every part of our bodies, from breathing to restoration. When you sleep, your body releases hormones that repair cells and:

  •                 Stores new information.
  •                 Get rid of waste.
  •                 Restore energy.
  •                 Reorganize nerve cell communication.
  •                 Lowers cortisol levels.
  •                 Releases inflammation-fighting proteins.

Relaxation can also help you deal with migraine pain. Meditation practices can teach you how to quiet your mind when a headache starts. When you feel the start of a headache, dim the lights and lie down.

Muscle tension causes headache pain, and relaxation exercises can smooth symptoms of migraines. It can take some time to master meditation but try mentally scanning your body for tense and cramped areas to focus on releasing.

Caffeine can help kick start home remedies for migraine pain, such as drinking coffee or caffeinated tea. Over-the-counter drugs that contain caffeine tend to relieve migraine headache pain.

Over-the-Counter Drugs
Over-the-Counter Drugs

If you are looking for migraine treatment in the form of a pill, Excedrin Migraine Extra Strength is a solid and fast-acting solution. Excedrin Migraine Extra Strength can take 15 minutes or longer to start working.

Excedrin Migraine Extra Strength medication relieves migraine pain using:

  •                 250 mg of acetaminophen to reduce pain and fever.
  •                 250 mg of aspirin to reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling.
  •                 65 mg of caffeine to narrow blood vessels in your brain and increase the effectiveness of acetaminophen and aspirin.

Equate Headache Relief is the Walmart brand of Excedrin’s migraine relief pills. It has the same amount of acetaminophen, aspirin, and caffeine.

Whichever pain reliever you are taking, you should be cautious of how frequently you are taking them. Your body can adjust to migraine pills, and overuse can actually cause a “rebound” headache. You should limit headache medication to two or three days a week or 10 days a month.

If you suffer from chronic migraine headache episodes, you may need to speak to your doctor about a prescription medication. Triptans can treat chronic migraines.


Prescription medications with triptans are serotonin receptor agonists. They work by calming overactive nerves in the brain and shrinking blood vessels back to normal. Your doctor can prescribe triptans in different methods, such as:

  •                 A swallowable oral tablet.
  •                 A quick-dissolving oral tablet.
  •                 Nasal spray.
  •                 An injection.

The dosage and strength will depend on the specific medication. Triptans can cause serious side effects, such as stroke and an allergic reaction. Similarly, other mediations and even herbal products can cause an interaction.