SingleCare is similar to GoodRx in that it gives users up to 80 percent off retail costs. It, too, is a free application for anyone 18 years of age or older. It also offers a mobile app and website for easy user interfacing. The SingleCare app is easy to use and has modern, eye-pleasing graphics. 

You can compare prices by pharmacies to find the location with the lowest costs. You can print the coupon or share it electronically via email or text. The pharmacist will need to see the coupon to apply the discount.

SingleCare Prescription Discount Card
precription discounts

In addition to the prescription savings, you can earn extra discounts just for using the SingleCare app. Just for signing up, you receive $5 off your next prescription. SingleCare also provides:

  • Discounts on prescription drugs
  • Home delivery of prescriptions
  • Free shipping

The SingleCare Rx discount card saves the coupons for your prescriptions for no cost. There is no copayment, as it is not insurance. 

Compared to GoodRx, SingleCare has a smaller network of participating pharmacies at 30,000. However, SingleCare negotiates directly with pharmacy partners, which keeps drug discounts consistent. GoodRx prices, on the other hand, can fluctuate. 

 The SingleCare Rx discount card is accepted at CVS, Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Albertson, Kroger, and more. Additionally, its partners include the United Way, American Heart Association, and Mental health America.

SingleCare may have some medications for less than GoodRx, and GoodRx may have steeper discounts for other drugs. You should compare shops for your medications between the two apps. Depending on your area and medication, you may find one has bigger savings. 

The dosage and quantity of your medication can also affect the pharmacy price. While with your doctor, you can review drug costs on your smartphone to discuss possibilities. 

For instance, your doctor may want you to take 300 mg daily of a medication. The 300 mg pills could be $50 for 30 pills, while a 30-day prescription of 150 mg pills is only $10. Your medical provider can inform you if taking a lower dose more frequently is as effective. 

This app cannot give you retail Rx saver discounts like the Walgreens prescription club. The SingleCare app may not give you the best bang for your buck if you consistently pick up store-brand products with your prescriptions.

Similarly, SingleCare does not have a membership program. It offers its discounted prices for free, making it the budget-friendly option. 

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