Traveling Tips for People with Diabetes

Living with diabetes doesn’t have to put a stop to the lifestyle you enjoy. In fact, if you know a few helpful tricks and tips, treating your diabetes while you are away can be a breeze. Following your insulin schedule, sticking to a healthy diet and getting regular exercise are all important parts of your diabetes management. Don’t sacrifice any of these components just because you are traveling.

It’s important to take your diabetes supplies with you while you travel, just like you would take your toothbrush or hair products. There are plenty of life hacks you can use to carry all your supplies with you without being weighed down. Here are a few essential tips for managing your diabetes while traveling.

Traveling Tips for People with Diabetes
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Pack hand wipes or sanitizer.

It is essential to keep your hands clean before testing your blood sugar with a needle or lancet. If you are on the go, you might not have access to soap and water. Your diabetes supplies should contain alcohol wipes or hand sanitizer so you can rid your hands of germs and bacteria before handling blood.

Keep your diabetes supplies in a separate bag.

It might be tempting to throw all of your belongings into one, easy-to-carry bag or backpack. However, you risk damaging your glucometer, insulin pen and other important devices if they are thrown together at the bottom of your bag.

To avoid this, keep your diabetes supplies in a dedicated travel bag. Not only will they stay protected, but it will be easier for you to find what you need while traveling.

Have your medical information handy.

Before you travel, print out all of your medical information and cut it down so it fits into your wallet. You should include information about your diabetes, an emergency contact number, your name and where your medication is located. Laminate each piece of paper to avoid water damage. If you are traveling abroad, translate your information into the native language in case of emergency.

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