Marketplace insurance offers affordable health care plans from a variety of sources. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) made it possible for millions of Americans to purchase a health insurance plan through the Marketplace, a website where you can search for health insurance, compare rates and purchase plans.

The Health Insurance Marketplace is the best way to compare health care plans to find the right one for you. Plans vary in coverage options, cost and eligibility, so it’s important to take your time sorting through the options. Your coverage needs depend on a few factors.

Get Affordable Coverage Through the Health Insurance Marketplace
health insurance marketplace

Before purchasing a cheap health insurance plan, consider whether you need the following types of coverage, which may not be available in every plan:

Dental – Some plans available on the Marketplace include dental care, while others offer add-on dental options that you must pay for separately. Most dental plans include standard cleanings, fillings, crowns and other preventive care.

Vision – Most plans for adults do not include vision services in standard health care plans. If you have glasses or wear contacts, consider choosing a plan that offers vision options.

Mental Health – All Marketplace insurance plans are required to provide basic coverage for hospitalization and prescriptions related to mental and behavioral health. Certain plans may offer additional coverage, like outpatient therapy services and substance abuse.

Medical Management Plans – Do you have special medical needs or a condition that requires frequent medical attention? Some health care plans have special coverage for conditions like chronic pain, diabetes and obesity.

Your medical expenses will vary depending on the plan you choose. You may be required to pay coinsurance (a percentage of the cost of care) or make copayments (a fixed amount of money) to receive care.  

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