3 Ways to Reduce Stress by Organizing Your Space

3 Ways to Reduce Stress by Organizing Your Space

Organizing space in your home does not need to be stressful. In fact, an organized room can decrease feelings of stress. When you know where to find something, you are not stressed out searching for it.

Organizing office space and rooms in your home can aid relaxation. Coming home to a clean house is welcoming, and working in a tidy office can help you focus on tasks. Find out how to implement the proper methods, products, and tools to organize and destress your life.

1.     Declutter Home, Office, and Vehicle

Clutter can make spaces feel dirty and smaller. Clutter also causes stress. When you scan a room, your eyes give your brain details about the space. The more objects in the area, the more information your brain has to process.

A clear space is easier to take in visually. Living or working in a cluttered space can subtly drain your mental energy. Be decluttering your space reduces the amount of information your eyes and brain need to process.

The places where you spend the most time tend to get messier faster, whether it is the living room, office at your job, or the backseat of your family car. Here are some decluttering tips:

• Teach your children where things belong and how to pick up after themselves. Kids can help or hinder your decluttering process.

• Declutter room by room. Put all items that do not belong in a room in a box to save you unnecessary trips back and forth to other areas of the house. Once you clean the room, drop off items in the next room and repeat.

• Keep a box for items and clothes that need mending, fixing, or special attention rather than them laying on a dresser or table. You can work on something in the box when you have time.

• Likewise, set a box or bag aside for things you want to donate.

• Pick a spot, like a tray, box, or drawer, for incoming paperwork, such as mail, bills, receipts, and homework.

Try to spend at least five minutes a day decluttering. Get into a routine of clearing the kitchen counters and dining room table in the evening or sorting the papers on your desk.

You can also gradually declutter by getting rid of items you do not need, want, or enjoy. Cleaning and organization take less time with fewer knickknacks. Take time to organize the things you use, so they take up a smaller visual space.

2.     Save Time, Money, and Stress With Organization

In addition to tiring your brain with unnecessary information, a messy house can cost you time and resources. How long does it take you to find your keys, wallet, and phone every day? How much have you paid in late charges from bills stuffed in a drawer and forgotten?

The time you spend cleaning your house substitutes the time you spend looking for belongings. The money you spend on storage solutions replaces the funds spent on late fees.

If you declutter home office paperwork, for example, you can sort monthly expenses by due dates and avoid surcharges. A 10-dollar file sorter could save you dozens to hundreds of dollars annually as well as the stress.

Some of the least expensive storage solutions that can save you money include the following:

•                 Expandable file folders for organizing bills, receipts, warranties, contracts, and more are less than $10.

•                 Coupon organizer to save at the grocery store and other retailers is no more than $5.

•                 Vertical storage solutions for the refrigerator are between $5 and $40 and can save you from food spoiling.

A calendar with due dates can help you stay organized and on top of your expenses. Keep a mail organizer next to an annual, monthly, or weekly calendar noting important dates. Keep your bills and other necessary paperwork in the organizer to pay before expenses are due.

Do you want to get bulk savings without cramming your pantry full of huge food containers? Use food storage solutions to keep food fresh and organized. You can set up “backstock” on food storage shelves in your garage.

3.     Make Your Home Your Haven

Organization can also give you a more tranquil environment. Hotels, real estate agents, and designers all bank on peaceful and relaxing environments to entice customers. Rooms well-organized and clean are ones that naturally draw people in.

Storage solutions can keep your home clutter-free and organized. Some organization solutions include:

•                 Use baskets and shelving to organize products under your bathroom sink.

•                 Set up a “drop location” near your front door for your keys, sunglasses, wallet, purse, and other related items.

•                 Utilize any and all space, such as under-bed storage, attics, crawlspaces, garages, and basements. Install extra shelves in closets to take advantage of the vertical space.

Use a vertical storage unit or two if your home is disorganized because you have a small space. Vertical storage solutions can help you keep things off the floor and at eye level.

For example, your garage can be a massive closet. The walls – and even the space close to the ceiling – can store belongings until you need them. A garage storage system can leave the rest of your house free of clutter.

Garage storage companies can transform your garage into an organized room. The garage organization company will install a customized storage system to accommodate your needs.

Do you have a hobby that takes up a lot of space? A company representative can discuss storage options for your interests. If you have many holiday decorations, for instance, the company can build drawers for ornaments.

Organization and storage solutions are attractive features in your home. For example, using clear, reusable food containers in your pantry and cabinets give goods a uniform and clean look.

Likewise, a behind-the-door shoe rack lets you see all of your shoes at one time. A vertical shoe rack can also save you time sorting through shoe boxes or reaching under the bed to locate the pair you want to wear.

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