Organizing an itinerary when traveling has been a commonplace activity for ages. As a senior citizen in times of COVID-19, your ability to plan and organize becomes potentially lifesaving, however.

Once your risks are fully assessed and you decide to move forward with traveling, it is time to plan for both expected and unexpected events during your trip. This involves multiple smaller steps and organizational processes, which combine to create a safe and sensible plan.

How Planning Ahead and Organizing Can Help Make Traveling Safer
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The plan, as it did with risk assessment, begins with what you know. You know where you are traveling and what day and time you are leaving. You know where you are staying and (by this point) what the atmosphere is like at your destination regarding COVID-19. Plan your safety routines around this information.

Ways to plan for traveling during the pandemic:

  • Research COVID-19 testing sites and medical facilities in the area where you will visit. If you are going abroad, you will need to take a test to return to the States. 
  • Pack enough clean masks, so you always have a spare. 
  • Ask the hotel or representatives at your accommodations about safety precautions and changes to services, such as no longer providing a complimentary hot breakfast.
  • Know the locations of restaurants where you might dine and call ahead to learn about their safety protocols. 
  • Consider travel plans at the location. Are you driving your vehicle, or will you need to rely on public transportation like taxis and buses? As of writing, for instance, you must wear a mask when in an Uber ride. 

What is the reason for your traveling? As a senior citizen, the reasons might include visiting family, attending conferences, visiting out-of-state medical specialists, or even business/sales.

Your method of travel also affects how you plan. For example, driving yourself might be the safest option, and traveling by train/plane might pose the most risks. Your method of travel impacts what you can pack and how you organize your trip.

Organization is crucial. Decisions are made about packing your food or purchasing food after your arrival. Call ahead and discover food delivery options for both takeout and groceries. Make a list of what is available and when your preferred services are open for business. Pack plenty of hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes.

Organize your plan also to include flexibility. An outbreak of COVID-19 in or around your travel destination might change your plans entirely. Prepare for this as if it is a reality because it just might become one after you arrive.

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