Walmart’s new affordable fast-acting insulin is sold under the brand ReliOn. However, it is the same as Novolog insulin – a popular man-made insulin used to treat type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Novolog typically retails for hundreds of dollars under its brand name. To make it more affordable, Walmart is selling this same exact type of insulin under its own brand – ReliOn.

Walmart’s New ReliOn Novolog Insulin – Is it the same as Novolog?
New ReliOn Novolog Insulin
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So, yes – ReliOn insulin is the same insulin you would get if you purchased brand-name Novolog insulin.

Novolog is rapid-acting insulin approved by the FDA to treat diabetes in both children and adults. It is not a replacement for long-term insulin and should only be used in conjunction with long-acting insulin.

For people with type 2 diabetes insulin may be necessary to treat their condition. Walmart’s ReliOn insulin is approved to treat type 2 diabetes, making it easier for anyone with diabetes to manage their health.

Some people refer to this ReliOn Novolog insulin as “generic,” but that term doesn’t quite apply.

Walmart is not creating its own type of Novolog. They simply purchase the brand-name insulin directly from the manufacturer (Novo Nordisk) before it gets packaged for retail. Then, they put the ReliOn label on each package and sell it at an affordable price under this brand.

There are different types of insulin out there, from human insulin to man-made insulin. It’s important to understand that ReliOn is a brand of Novolog, a man-made insulin. Some people with diabetes can’t take Novolog. Make sure to talk with your doctor or health care team to determine if Walmart’s new affordable insulin is right for you.

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