Do you need rapid-acting insulin but can’t afford most of the name-brand options at your local pharmacy? Walmart’s new low-cost insulin, which is sold under the ReliOn brand, might be the solution.

Type 1 diabetes treatment almost always includes insulin injections, since people with this condition cannot make their own insulin. However, the cost of insulin alone is enough to cause financial stress for anyone treating their diabetes.

How and Where to Get ReliOn Insulin
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This cheap insulin is a game-changer for many diabetics. So, how can you get it?

If you currently take Novolog insulin, you can easily switch to the new low-cost brand ReliOn by speaking with a pharmacist at Walmart.  It’s the same prescription, just sold at a lower price under the ReliOn brand. You don’t need a separate prescription for this brand if you already have a prescription for the name-brand Novolog.

If you do not currently take Novolog, you must talk with your doctor to determine if it’s right for you. Walmart’s Novolog ReliOn insulin is only available with a prescription. Your doctor will advise you if this type of insulin is safe and effective for you to take.

Once you have your prescription ready to go, you can fill it at any Walmart pharmacy. It may be worth your while to call ahead and ask if they have ReliOn in stock. Supply varies between pharmacies, so you may need to head to a few different locations.

This new low-cost insulin will also be available at most Sam’s Club pharmacy locations starting in July 2021. It is recommended to call your local Sam’s Club periodically to see when they might be expecting a shipment.

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Updated on 05/24/2022