You can also apply for cash from government welfare programs. Both the federal and state governments have programs to financially help low-income households. Some of these programs include providing free or low-cost health insurance or even cash benefits, such as grants from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

Programs like TANF give low-income households with limited resources monthly payments to pay for basic needs, like housing and food. You may be able to use these funds (or the cash you would normally put towards those expenses) for medical bills.

Federal Grants to Help Pay Medical Bills
federal grants pay medical bills

The federal government provides medical assistance opportunities to those in need. The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) oversees some of these programs, but each state government runs the medical assistance programs.

Since the program focuses on helping low- to moderate-income households, the amount of assistance you receive depends on factors like:

  • Household income.
  • The number of family members in your household.
  • The average salary of your area.
  • Your health insurance information.

The program has more lenient requirements for children than adults. Even if a parent is not eligible for financial assistance, their children may qualify. 

You can apply for government assistance through the website of most states. At the least, you can find more information about state-run programs to help with health care costs. 

Some assistance programs are not specifically designed for medical funds, but can still be helpful regarding financial relief. For instance, if you qualify for TANF, you can receive monetary benefits that you can use for whatever you deem necessary.

TANF funds could be used to pay medical bills, but they can also be used to offset other costs. For example, if you had to stop working due to a health condition, TANF funds may be used to purchase groceries or pay household bills.

You can apply for multiple grants to cover all of your medical debt. Federal and state grants can help reduce upcoming medical costs, but local medical grants can reimburse you for the debt you have from health care expenses.

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